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Post Graduate Professional Development Series

We are developing a series of postgraduate courses for animal musculoskeletal practitioners. Here is a little information about how they work.

The PG professional development series is a unique online series of CPD specifically for those who are trained in animal musculoskeletal practice. These courses have been designed to meet the needs of those who are already qualified and proficient in treatment of animals with therapies such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage etc; but who want to develop their knowledge further and undertake meaningful and deliberate CPD which will give them the opportunity to explore the literature and help them to reflect and improve on practice.

Study at this level requires independent thought and direction. It comprises reading and reviewing current concepts and research and drawing individual conclusions. Learners are required to reflect on their own practice and experience with the aim to improve and become a more proficient and effective practitioner. These courses are designed to help practitioners make clinical decisions which are based on the most up to date science.

These courses may be different from other CPD that you have undertaken. At level 7 you will not be fed information as such but you will be directed to research and reading and encouraged to process this information in the context of your own practice.

Why is it so important that you study in this way? When you undertook your university course or other programme of study you will have been introduced to your profession and given the opportunity to explore current theories and concepts. You will have developed a good understanding of the topic as a whole and become competent in all the key areas of your trade. This fundamental training was essential to set you on your career path. But graduation day is just the beginning of your journey. Now is the time to become excellent. Now is the time to become a specialist. Now is the time to become the most up to date, informed practitioner that you possibly can. You owe that to the animals that you treat.

You are responsible for the acquisition of your own knowledge and really can take your understanding to any level you choose. In the current digital age, information is readily available. With good research and independent learning skills you can become your own mentor. You can seek out information from the literature and from other professionals - you can essentially become your own tutor. Studying at this level requires higher order thinking skills which are critical, reflective, creative and logical. These courses will help you to develop the skills to address complex issues and deepen your understanding of the key areas of your profession.

So, how does it work? The courses award 6 hours CPD. This time comprises:

  • Lessons to direct your learning
  • Essential reading which you are given
  • Independent reading time which you should use for your own further research into the subject
  • Discussion with your classmates
  • Tasks designed to help you process what you are learning
  • Reflection


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